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Mari Mizuta Joins Indie Idol Super Group mtopi with Mikichu and Yuri Shinohara

mtopi 2

It is not often that we get the birth of an Indie Idol super group, so when we do ,you stop everything you’re doing and report it. mtopi is a new idol unit featuring Miki Mizuki (ex-Mikichu), Mari Mizuta (ex-Pla2me/Izukoneko) , and Yuri Shinohara (ex-TAKENOKO▲). The group will have an…

Mari Mizuta Returns In New Music Project

Mari Mizuta 1

The last time Mari Mizuta (Izukoneko) made her presence felt on this web site she had a first class ticket on the midnight train out of Pla2me .Her reasoning was creative differences and her last nerve could take only so much of the travel from Osaka to Tokyo. Now she…

Pla2me : Creative Differences Leads to Member Leaving


                                     [Mari]                           [Saki] When you hear the words left due to creative differences ,that`s often a code word in metal music to nicely say “they got on my last nerve”. In Idol genre you don`t see those words instead you see graduation ,that is until Mari Mizuta claimed “they got…