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LADYBABY: Teaches Nippon Manju Choreography

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In Japanese Idol genre, one of the more popular activities for fans is to learn the dances to their favorite Idol group songs. LADYBABY Has decided to teach the songs dance in the only way they know how the LADYBABY way. Enjoy Learning the Nippon Manju Dance the LADYBABY way…

LADYBABY Unleashes New Wave of Kawaii Metal

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Back in April I wrote about a new and very different Idol unit known as LADYBABY , featuring the Kawaii Idols Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya and the Icon known as Ladybeard. You can see the short introduction here http://pureidolheart.net/2015/04/ladybeard-debuts-idol-unit-called-ladybaby/ At the time it was not known ,what style music…

Ladybeard Debuts Idol Unit Called LADYBABY

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For those of you that may not know it, there is a free spirit entertainer here in Japan by the name of Ladybeard. Ladybeard is a jack of all trades ,Ladybeard wrestles ,is an heavy-metal vocalist ,party rocker ,TV talent,can be hired for 24hr photo gigs and is a social…