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Rena Sato Launches Magical Punchline

magical punchline

Sometimes you can`t keep a good idol down or in this case out of the industry long. Former Idoling!!! Member Rena Sato decided she was not yet finished being an idol and recently set off on a journey to create a group to call her own and she found it…

Former Secret Girls Member Mayu Tomita Stabbed By Stalker When Entering Fan Event

mayu_tomita 2

Former Secret Girls Mayu Tomita sadly today is fighting for her life after being stabbed 24 times by 27 year old Tomohiro Iwazaki. Tomita was scheduled  to attend a fan event in Koganei, Tokyo when Iwazaki who had been stalking Tomita for some time on her twitter and blog account…

POP : Pretty Pretty Good Rebel Idols

pop 1st album

POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) quickly make a return visit to our web site ,fresh off setting our website and Facebook ablaze with the news on the group being expelled from the largest Idol Music Festival in Japan. You can read my take on it and how I believe…

Idol group No Makes JPop First Actress Idol Project

no makes

Idol group No Makes describes themselves as the industry`s first actress Idol project . No Makes is an Idol group-acting school ,whose goal is to be the first Idol group to win film awards over Oricon rankings titles. No Makes was started by film director Noboru Iguchi who has created…

Introducing Gothic Lolita Idol Unit Love Dream GLTOKYO


Love Dream GLTOKYO is a brand new Idol unit designed to present the Gothic Lolita subculture of Japan in the world. The GL stands for [Gothic & Lolita]. The members train twice a week and have about 3 lives a month and their audition age is 15 to 27 ….

Idol Metal Unit HALOPERI DOLL Is Reborn


It`s with great pleasure that HALOPERI Doll makes their return to Pure Idol Heart as the Idol metal unit has reformed with new members. Earlier this month the unit was reborn after going away in December 2014. The original line up had interesting look , however as this new unit …