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Pure Idol Heart Interviews Little Witch

[01] Calorie Nante costume

Recently I had the pleasure to introduce the readers of Pure Idol Heart a really cute and sweet fresh Thai dance cover Idol group Little Witch cover LinQ. Little Witch is a sister group to the Thai dance cover group Magical cover Afilia Saga ,which is where the name Little…

Dansugumi.Inc Talk With Pure Idol Heart, Special Interview


A few days ago I introduced our readers to a sweet Thai dance cover group Dansugumi.inc cover Dempagumi.inc. You can read that article here. http://pureidolheart.net/2015/01/introducing-dansugumi-inc-cover-dempagumi-inc/ Dansugumi .inc had the honor of being the first Thai artist to ever have reached #1 popular article ranking on Pure Idol Heart . For…

Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche)

Edition #5 October 2014

  Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche) Idol Exclusive in their 5th issue of their magazine conducted an interview with Japanese Idol group パピマシェ (papillon de marche) .As part of our agreement with the Thailand based Magazine Idol Exclusive they have provided Pure Idol Heart with a copy of the…