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Idol Rock Unit Splash! Looking to Survive with New Single


Idol Rock unit Splash! Is a group that I have been following since their debut in 2009 .This unit has seen its share of members come and go ,but Aya Sakohata and Arisa Hoshino have seen it through. Their new single “Survive” would fit any JMetal album ,it`s just that…

Debu, Miniskirts, Knee-Highs The Great Idol War

idol wars

Did you know that Idols are engaged in a secret dirty turf war? A war that consists of Miniskirts, Knee-Highs and throwing around the word debu ,like profanity from drunken sailors on shore leave. You may have heard about the public Idol warring states war to carve out fan kingdoms…

Idol Live: Kiroru ,THE SPUNKY, Honey&Honey, Sweet Candy, Csli, At Osaka Idol Festival

idol metal

Part Five in our “Went to school one day and an Idol Festival broke out , celebration.” Here is Idol groups 26 to 30 in this Idol Underground On Parade Leading off Part Five Kiroru きろる http://www.form-japan.com/kiroru/ Link THE SPUNKY http://www.form-japan.com/thespunky/ Link Honey&Honey http://ameblo.jp/idolhoneyhoney/ Link Sweet Candy http://ameblo.jp/swcd/ Link Csli…

140 Idol Groups Join for Largest Indie Idol Festival to Date

Idol Koshien Festival

Question-What do you get when 140 Indie/Underground/Independent Major [well-funded Indies] groups and soloists meet up in one location? Answer- A lot of wotas going home with no money and a lot of goods, for the Idols you have the largest Idol festival in the history of the genre to date….

New JPop Idol Group: Elfloat: The Power and Cuteness of Elves

elfloat 2

New JPop Idol Group: Elfloat: The Power and Cuteness of Elves This summer a really cute new JPop Idol group made their debut, showing “The Power and Cuteness of Elves”. The group is Elfloat and in their short active time they have started to gain a respectable core of fans….

Cheeky Parade: C.P.U!?


iDOL Street idol group Cheeky Parade is back (very quickly) with their 2nd single, C.P.U!? C.P.U stands for Cheeky Parade Understand!? I thought that Cheeky Parade couldn’t get any crazier, but they have! For their PV this time, they’ve used special effects to go along with their digital theme. And…

Idoling!!!: Sakura Thank you

Sakura Thank you

In the midst of reading about scandals, and viewing all of the new singles that have come out, I seem to have left out Idoling!!!’s new single… oops. Better late than never right? Sakura Thank you is Idoling!!!’s 19th single! The song takes on a soft, and kind of generic…

Sakura Gakuin rocks in “My Graduation Toss”

My Graduation Toss

Sakura Gakuin has just released the short PV for their 5th single My Graduation Toss. As the title suggests, this single is the last single to feature Nakamoto Suzuka, who will be graduating in March. My Graduation Toss is a complete image change for Sakura Gakuin! When I first saw…

Weather Girls: Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Weather Girls

Taiwanese girl group Weather Girls has released the PV for their second single, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuhou. In Weather’s Girls second single, everything is improved. The outfits are better; they look less revealing, and they’re more colorful. The PV is better. It has a mini speaking part, and we get…

Idol Spotlight:Oshimen , Idols the Memory Creators

I am not one who really likes to write about my life ,while my friends say that I should be proud of things that take place in it and with my daughter’s music careers  and be more open. For some time now my two daughters have been preparing for their…