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Idol Group POP Declares Total Combat!!!!

pop wrestling ring

Recently I mentioned about the idol group POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) involved in a mini drama in the run up to an anything goes Idol festival. Well at the very end just before the festival Gyu-No Fest vol. 7 & Uta Musume Idol Dai-Senso/Pride of Pinchike (P.O.P.) Fest…

BiSH sister group POP in miniseries drama and Wrestling Ring?

pop members image

  BiSH sister group and co-trouble makers POP are acting in a mini-series drama .The drama is titled “Idol Dai-Senso” on Saitama TV’s “Uta Musume” It runs from Sept 4 to Oct 2 Episodes are being uploaded to an idol festival site they will be taking part in. Episode #1…

Idol Round Up: BELLRING, Doll☆Elements, Electric Ribbon


Idol Round Up: BELLRING, Doll☆Elements, Electric Ribbon Well the magic ball of Idol genre has thrown up some interesting artists today BELLRING Just when I thought  no one  could match the strangeness that is BiS  ,BELLRING managed to top it  and leave me not knowing if I like it or…