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YouTube Great Red Wall Against JPop

video block

It was a weekend like any other weekend, when I am helping someone in the JPop music industry and I send her concert video to a friend in America to look at .Unlike any other weekend my friend said “her video is blocked”. A concert that we are involved In…

The Handshake Incident and its Future Impact

rina and anna

At a recent handshake event, two members of AKB48 were attacked and injured. I won’t go into the details too much here; there is plenty of coverage, with news HERE and HERE. I’ve covered my own thoughts on the incident HERE, if you’re interested in reading on that. Before everything, I…

The Fashion of Idols: Part 1


This is a post that I have been wanting to do for a while! When PIH was on blogspot, I posted a poll in preparation for this post. I usually only do reviews, so this time, I wanted to do change it up and do an article-like piece on a…