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Saying Goodbye To An Idol: Tsukimiya Karen Who Passed Away

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Yesterday ,I found myself in a position that I hoped that I would never be in again and that was dealing with a favorite Idol of mine passing away. The first time was Okada Yukiko who in 1986 at 18 years of age and on top of the Idol world…

Thoughts for Tsukimiya Karen

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It was recently announced that Tsukimiya Karen, member of the Alice Project group Steamgirls, passed away in early July. For more information, please read Gaki’s earlier post on Pure Idol Heart.  While I didn’t follow Steamgirls as closely as others, I did follow Alice Project’s Armor Girls, so I’ve been recently…

Steamgirls Member Tsukimiya Karen has Passed Away


Steamgirls Member Tsukimiya Karen has Passed Away Yesterday I was reading about the two members of the KPop Group Ladies` Code passing away from injures from a car crash. I thought to myself if this happened to a JPop Idol that we write about on our site, what I would…