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Aphrodite Symphonic Idol Group

aphrodite 2

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of having a short, but meaningful conversation with the staff of an re-born idol group. I had known about the group in the past at the time the group had nine members and was a ballet Idol rock group. Almost as quickly as they…

BiSH to Turn Shibuya into CHEKi BiSH IF YOU CAN LAND


The weekends are very important days for Idols across Japan; it allows them to play at multiple events, for larger than normal crowds and to try creative marketing skills. There are a number of lives taking place every weekend in Shibuya and BiSH has decided that after getting thrown out…

Up and Coming Idol Group Stand-Up! Hearts, Afilia Saga Sister Group

stand up hearts

Stand-Up! Hearts is new Idol group that I have become interested in through Afilia Saga. Stand-Up! Hearts is a trainee Idol sister group to the popular Idol group Afilia Saga. As the group is still listed as trainee the group does not have a CD release yet, so the only…