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Idol Group BPM 15Q Release Self-Produced MV


self-produced BPM 15Q  (15Q is read as “Ichi-go-kyuu”) made up of Rinahamu (ex-BiS) and nicamoq (DJ with BURUMA CREW) have released their song and MV for BPM 15Q. The MV for BPM 15Q uses footage shot from various live events the group has had. For Idol fans in Singapore BPM…

Rinahamu Creates New Idol Group BPM15Q

BPM15Q 2

The last time IchigoRinahamu was on this web site, the subject was her sell 5,000 CDs or retire challenge. Now Rinahamu has teamed up with an Idol named Nicamoq to create a DJ Vocal unit called BPM15Q (BPM Ichigokyuu). BPM15Q will be a “yume-kawaii” (dreamy cute) themed Idol group and…