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Introducing REMOTE GIRL


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new project. Jenny and Chiil from the international pop group 4TE , have teamed together with up and coming guitarist Alexander to create the band REMOTE GIRL. Currently REMOTE GIRL are doing rock covers to popular JPop songs and mixing…

Crystal Rose: Determined International Net-Idols

crystal rose

Yesterday we received a message from a young net-idol unit , the note had very little information that it was almost passed over ,however some more investigating and a kind word from a 4TE member shed some light on a fairly new net-idol unit . Crystal Rose is an interesting…

Sugoi!Singers looking for members for their net-idol project

idol metal

This is a little different from what we normally do around here .Normally we mention news related to our own Japanese dance vocal groups in our own Idol production company ,other lovely fellow professional idols in our genre here in Japan . We also mention news related to our partner…