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POP and BiSH Break TIF Rules and Get Expelled From Festival.

pop 1

                                   [POP at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015] Yesterday on our Facebook I posted a message about the Idol rock groups POP (renamed Pla2me)now known as Period of Plastic 2 Mercy and BiSH playing their version of “I fought the law and the law won” at Tokyo Idol Festival . The…

Mysterious New Artist, Did Tsunku`s Daughter Have Debut?


Normally our focus is on lesser known Idol units who are not as well covered as the large house company groups ,however something has the Idol wotas all in a state of investigation and excitement. There is a new artist that has made her debut ,that looks a lot like…

Is The End Near For The Idol Group Aither?


  There is never a good time to speculate on a group`s future as anything can happen, however some telling signs of Yuuka`s popularity and her importance to the groups survival are starting to show up after the very public falling out with Yuuka and the group`s management. Yuuka for…