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Net-idol group Shining Academy Sets Up Crowd Fund Campaign


Announcement A fresh face International JPop net-idol group known as Shining Academy [inspired by Sakura Gakuin] have started work on their debut single which is untiled at present time. The group will also be releasing a cover version of C-ute’s Gamusha LIFE. Trying to be a professional music artist is difficult…

4TE : Leave A Message In New Single


“Leave A Message “is the new music video from International Pop group 4TE . The song is the group’s first single of the new year and was produced by PromWolf. Mei [of 4TE] comments “「Leave A Message」 is much heavier, and much more eastern and western infused than the first…

Introducing British Maid Idol Unit M.O.E.


M.O.E. is a British maid café idol unit  representing Maids of England Cafe that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to their staff over the past few days and with the members making debuts in Japan I felt our readers would find this talented group to their liking. M.O.E….

Introducing South Brazil Dance Cover Net-Idol Group : Furitsuke-DAN

Furitsuke DAN 1

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to be introduced to a JPop inspired dance cover net-Idol group from the Southern part of Brazil. The girls are giving it their best in an region that does not see many JPop inspired groups, in fact were they are located they…

Introducing Himezawa Japan Based International Idol


Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a short talk with a charming German Model/Actress/Idol here in Tokyo. Her name is HIMEZAWA and just this past month she released her debut single titled “Wagamama LOVE”. HIMEZAWA has become well known for her cosplay, fashion and make up and she  has…

YouTube Great Red Wall Against JPop

video block

It was a weekend like any other weekend, when I am helping someone in the JPop music industry and I send her concert video to a friend in America to look at .Unlike any other weekend my friend said “her video is blocked”. A concert that we are involved In…

Yumizu Sutoorii: International Independent Artist Releases New JPop Single.

photo for article

A couple of days ago I was introduced to an JPop inspired artists currently living in Sweden, who is originally from Chile. I`ve spent a little of this evening getting to know her better and discuss a little bit about working with her . Yumizu has a single that she…

Get WILD With International JPop Artist Kevn

'WILD' Cover artwork

The other day I had the time to be properly introduced to a singer that I had heard of briefly before. I say briefly only because outside of my normal metal genre ,when focusing on Idol genre and Pure Idol Heart I tend to only focus on female groups ,however…

4TE Open Groups New Online Store

4te store

Jenny of 4TE wants all of the readers and fans of Pure Idol Heart and I hope that makes you fans of Jenny and the ladies of the growing hot international JPop inspired vocal /dance unit a chance to get your hands on some genuine 4TE merchandise. Items are limited…

Crystal Rose: Determined International Net-Idols

crystal rose

Yesterday we received a message from a young net-idol unit , the note had very little information that it was almost passed over ,however some more investigating and a kind word from a 4TE member shed some light on a fairly new net-idol unit . Crystal Rose is an interesting…