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An Idols Mind Most Beautiful

raw ham and baked  noodles 1

What comes to your mind when I mention the words raw ham and baked noodles? Food right! What if I told you that it had nothing to do with food and everything to do with Idols? Well two Idols in fact that are rewriting the way an Idol Pop live…

IDOL ROCK Unit DEEP GIRL Oricon Top 10 or Disband Debut Single Mission


Idol Rock Unit DEEP GIRL from the Fuji TV show of the same name have set for themselves a mighty task for their July 1st  self titled debut single. The group must reach top 10 on the Oricon rankings chart with this single or they will disband. The single will…

Shizukaze & Kizuna -Idol Rock Pioneers Call It A Day

shizukaze and kizuna

One of the pioneers of Idol rock dating back to 2009 as separate groups before uniting into a one unit idol rock machines Shizukaze & Kizuna has announced that they were ending activities as a group. Unlike other Idol units that have set a date for an ending live ,…

Introducing REMOTE GIRL


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new project. Jenny and Chiil from the international pop group 4TE , have teamed together with up and coming guitarist Alexander to create the band REMOTE GIRL. Currently REMOTE GIRL are doing rock covers to popular JPop songs and mixing…

Tsubaki Factory Joins Hello!Project

Tsubaki Factory

Looks like former Berryz Kobo captain Saki Shimizu is settling in well to her new position as an Hello!Project advisor. After having an active role in the creation and naming of Kobushi Factory ,Saki is at it again with Tsubaki Factory. Tsubaki comes from the flower Camellia Japonica which is…

Join the Idol Revolution: Dream Station Team Water Start an Idol Revolution


Dream Station Team Water is an entertaining Idol unit that I’ve been following for a little bit now. Team Water are members of a multi-unit idol group called Dream Station. Dream Station are “survival themed Idols” with each unit taking on a name related to something needed for mankind`s survival….

FRUITPOCHETTE : Statement of Paradox ,Releases Souten –Paradox MV

fruitpochette 2015

  When you say the words “ vanguards of kawaii-metal” ,it seems the metal media world outside of our lovely island of Japan ,seem to think that it is BABYMETAL and a bunch of copycat groups jumping on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I can understand this naive thinking for those just…

KAMIYADO: New Shining Idols


The hardest road to the top is through the Independent Idol ranks ,it`s a genre were the Idols themselves are as much a part of their development and concepts as the staff. Indie Idols are not blessed with an army of staff waiting on their every need. They don`t always…

Idol Metal unit nIo Return as nIo-destroy

nio reborn

The last time we talked about nIo it was just after member No.1 had left the group and “buried” the remaining members in a “shallow grave” only for the members to shortly afterwards be seen as spirits in photos shot at night. This was followed by the appearance of the…

Ladybeard Debuts Idol Unit Called LADYBABY

ladybaby 3

For those of you that may not know it, there is a free spirit entertainer here in Japan by the name of Ladybeard. Ladybeard is a jack of all trades ,Ladybeard wrestles ,is an heavy-metal vocalist ,party rocker ,TV talent,can be hired for 24hr photo gigs and is a social…