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Saki Kamiya Faces Challenge to Stay in Idol Group POP!

saki pop2

One of our Supporters sent me a tweet about this late last night and asked if I would translate what it said and as it is an interesting challenge , I want to briefly mention it here as well. The tweet stated that Saki had to face her most ultimate…

La PomPon Sing For Detective Conan

la pompon

One of the new groups on the rise is La PomPon (Power Of Music, Pride of New generation) they call themselves girls’ vocal and dance unit, regardless of the fact they have all the decorations of an idol group. On September 16th 2015 they will release their third single titled…

POP and BiSH Break TIF Rules and Get Expelled From Festival.

pop 1

                                   [POP at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015] Yesterday on our Facebook I posted a message about the Idol rock groups POP (renamed Pla2me)now known as Period of Plastic 2 Mercy and BiSH playing their version of “I fought the law and the law won” at Tokyo Idol Festival . The…