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National Media Predictions on Morning Musume。’14 12th Gen Members.

MM 14 Audition

Yahoo, Japan, One of the national media outlets has made predictions on who will be announced on the 30th as the 12th Generation members for Morning Musume。’14 .So I thought it may be interesting to see who the media feels is the best fit as new members for Morning Musume。’14….

The Two Faces of Punitan, Idol Metal Group new Idol order`s Dark Angel

punitan 2 faces

  You`ve seen us talk about this adorable Idol in her role as the dark angel of the Idol Metal unit new Idol order. As her character no#2 she plays the role of dark angel perfectly. However like all Idols that split time between two Idol groups no#2 Miyakoshi Manami…

FRUITPOCHETTE-Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power


Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol flags of war and claiming that this genre is more than just about BABYMETAL. Of the Idol Metal next wave groups that are currently active, the one most ready to join…

JPop Idol Group Punishment for Dating 8 Million Yen Lawsuit

aoyama saint hacha mecha

The no dating rule has surfaced again, you know that rule, the rule that`s been in place since the genre started. So what has the no dating rule brought us today? Enter Aoyama☆St. Hacha Mecha High School (St. Crazy Wild High School) One of the most entertaining Idol groups around…

Saying Goodbye To An Idol: Tsukimiya Karen Who Passed Away

Karen cute

Yesterday ,I found myself in a position that I hoped that I would never be in again and that was dealing with a favorite Idol of mine passing away. The first time was Okada Yukiko who in 1986 at 18 years of age and on top of the Idol world…

Thoughts for Tsukimiya Karen

karen bunny

It was recently announced that Tsukimiya Karen, member of the Alice Project group Steamgirls, passed away in early July. For more information, please read Gaki’s earlier post on Pure Idol Heart.  While I didn’t follow Steamgirls as closely as others, I did follow Alice Project’s Armor Girls, so I’ve been recently…

Steamgirls Member Tsukimiya Karen has Passed Away


Steamgirls Member Tsukimiya Karen has Passed Away Yesterday I was reading about the two members of the KPop Group Ladies` Code passing away from injures from a car crash. I thought to myself if this happened to a JPop Idol that we write about on our site, what I would…

S/mileage Is Mad as Hell!!! At?

smileage mad as hell

S/mileage Is Mad as Hell!!! At Our focus at Pure Idol Heart is on underground/lesser known Idols , however when a superstar group such as S/mileage releases a video were they are mad as hell , you just can`t pass up not airing “dirty” laundry . Brace yourselves as S/mileage…

Possible Member of BABYMETAL Goes to Hospital [Updated]

ambulance 2

Possible Member of BABYMETAL Rushed to Hospital First let me be as clear as possible, the following information has not yet been confirmed by anyone in the official camp of BABYMETAL. It is something that we have been monitoring for some time now. At the end of the Los Angeles…

Random Idol Thoughts and Fresh Idol Music

video spotlight

Random Idol Thoughts and Fresh Idol Music This is the 6th year of Pure Idol Heart; we have come a long way from our original several thousands posts on our old blog to our new website home. There have been good times and difficult times, such as doing live coverage…