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4TE : Leave A Message In New Single


“Leave A Message “is the new music video from International Pop group 4TE . The song is the group’s first single of the new year and was produced by PromWolf. Mei [of 4TE] comments “「Leave A Message」 is much heavier, and much more eastern and western infused than the first…

Idol Catch Up: Former Morning Musume Member LinLin Becomes Idol Producer !

idol school

I am not sure how many of our readers were fans of Morning Musume when they had 2 Chinese members (JunJun & LinLin) .Both after a short stay returned to China and launched successful careers ,JunJun as an actress and now a young wife and LinLin went on to start…

Introducing British Maid Idol Unit M.O.E.


M.O.E. is a British maid café idol unit  representing Maids of England Cafe that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to their staff over the past few days and with the members making debuts in Japan I felt our readers would find this talented group to their liking. M.O.E….

Riho Sayashi Graduation Announcement Shocks Idol World!

riho musume new

Most of the time I focus my interest in the small idol agencies ,however I have supported Morning Musume & Hello!Pro since the very birth of Morning Musume. We have traveled every step of the way. When I first saw that Riho Sayashi would be graduating Morning Musume 15’ December…

Saki Kamiya Faces Challenge to Stay in Idol Group POP!

saki pop2

One of our Supporters sent me a tweet about this late last night and asked if I would translate what it said and as it is an interesting challenge , I want to briefly mention it here as well. The tweet stated that Saki had to face her most ultimate…

YouTube Great Red Wall Against JPop

video block

It was a weekend like any other weekend, when I am helping someone in the JPop music industry and I send her concert video to a friend in America to look at .Unlike any other weekend my friend said “her video is blocked”. A concert that we are involved In…

When You Wake Up One Day And Your Sisters Are Idols

my sisters ruruko and yura

This is a story that everybody on our Facebook has known for some time now ,so I thought I would share it here. Sometimes your life takes interesting turns ,people enter your life that you would never expect. In the last couple of months I have been introduced to some…

Idol Group POP Declares Total Combat!!!!

pop wrestling ring

Recently I mentioned about the idol group POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) involved in a mini drama in the run up to an anything goes Idol festival. Well at the very end just before the festival Gyu-No Fest vol. 7 & Uta Musume Idol Dai-Senso/Pride of Pinchike (P.O.P.) Fest…

BiSH Momoko Shares Too Much Information on Broadcast


You have heard the saying “Have a hot microphone ,will broadcast!” It more or less refers to a drunk that grabs a microphone and starts broadcasting every secret about the members of a company at a corporate party. (Also works for any gathering with a drunk and microphones) Sometimes Idols…

Tsunku♂ Graduates from Hello! Project


Vocalist for Sharam Q and legendary producer, composer and lyricist for Hello! Project has announced his graduation from the idol company. Tsunku♂ is seen as the father of Hello! Project groups by the current and former members. Tsunku♂ influence is strongly felt in the groups as he is known to…