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Fresh Faces: GALETTe


  Fresh Faces: GALETTe This is GALETTe a new idol group from Fukuoka area Member Profile`s Here You can see this group and many others on our Facebook. Video and news is added almost hourly each day.

Former Morning Musume member Kago Ai is creating a new group

kago`s group

  Former Morning Musume member Kago Ai is creating a new group. Her target members are “non-celebrity girls from 15 to 21 years old who aren’t signed to a specific production agency” She plans to include fans in this by having them take part in selecting the unit members, the…

PIH Live House: ひろしまMAPLE★S


  PIH Live House: ひろしまMAPLE★S Recently we added more volunteers to run our Facebook as a result our Facebook gets updated with videos and news items almost hourly each day. One of the recent   postings on our Facebook was a concert by the Hiroshima based Maple Studio Idol group MAPLE★S,…

The Rise of Idol Metal


  The Rise of Idol Metal With the success of BABYMETAL, several Idol groups have joined them in creating a new branch of  Japanese Idol Genre . Here is a few you should check out if you’re a fan of BABYMETAL. FRUITPOCHETTE nIo [New Idol Order] Lolisyn [Lolita Syndrome] [starts…

The Wonderful World of Alice Project Live.

The Wonderful World of Alice Project Live. The staff of Pure Idol Heart spends a lot of time at Alice Project Theatre. It is something that we have written about in great detail in the past. The one thing we have never been able to fully do is to capture…

Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll

arrange image

Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll By Pure Idol Heart Staffer:Gaki Recently I had the pleasure to discover another Idol group and Pure Idol Heart staff has started the process in making friendships with the group that we hope will grow just like the other groups and managers we have made friends with….