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Cheeky Parade: C.P.U!?


iDOL Street idol group Cheeky Parade is back (very quickly) with their 2nd single, C.P.U!? C.P.U stands for Cheeky Parade Understand!? I thought that Cheeky Parade couldn’t get any crazier, but they have! For their PV this time, they’ve used special effects to go along with their digital theme. And…

paletの涙☆つゆだく #001-05


palet staff has uploaded episode five of the groups web show .This week they recap the scores from past episodes and one member ends up with a deep fry phone and tries not to cry.

Idoling!!!: Sakura Thank you

Sakura Thank you

In the midst of reading about scandals, and viewing all of the new singles that have come out, I seem to have left out Idoling!!!’s new single… oops. Better late than never right? Sakura Thank you is Idoling!!!’s 19th single! The song takes on a soft, and kind of generic…



  Episodes of palet`s mini show .Each episode is about 10-15 minutes long and has the members in a kitchen studio playing various games using items they have around them that the staff has hidden in the kitchen or doing impressions. Cooking seven colors of palet is uploaded by their…

Sakura Gakuin rocks in “My Graduation Toss”

My Graduation Toss

Sakura Gakuin has just released the short PV for their 5th single My Graduation Toss. As the title suggests, this single is the last single to feature Nakamoto Suzuka, who will be graduating in March. My Graduation Toss is a complete image change for Sakura Gakuin! When I first saw…

Weather Girls: Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Weather Girls

Taiwanese girl group Weather Girls has released the PV for their second single, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuhou. In Weather’s Girls second single, everything is improved. The outfits are better; they look less revealing, and they’re more colorful. The PV is better. It has a mini speaking part, and we get…