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Pla2me Goes to POP!


When Mari Mizuta announced that she was leaving the duo ,there was a lot of questions what ex-BiS member Saki Kamiya would do next in her career or if Pla2me would reform as a new duo. On May31st 2015 at Mari`s graduation live it was announced that Pla2me was done…

4TE Open Groups New Online Store

4te store

Jenny of 4TE wants all of the readers and fans of Pure Idol Heart and I hope that makes you fans of Jenny and the ladies of the growing hot international JPop inspired vocal /dance unit a chance to get your hands on some genuine 4TE merchandise. Items are limited…

It`s All Your Fault! A new Type of Idol Rock Group

all your fault

  From the moment that fellow rock music associates that a new yami-kawaii” idol Rock unit was being creating for a new Mensoore Aina [x-Ayaman JAPAN] project called “Yan-Doru Project” ,I’ve been curious about how this would play out. The group name is It`s All Your Fault! (Zenbu Kimi no…

Karin Maruyama: A True Idol to the Very End

Karin Maruyama 2

Back in March we introduced our readers to a true Idol in every way. My one regret is that Karin did not cross my path sooner, so I could enjoy her singing longer. Karin suffered from brain and lung cancer and until her final few hours May 22 2015, she…

An Idols Mind Most Beautiful

raw ham and baked  noodles 1

What comes to your mind when I mention the words raw ham and baked noodles? Food right! What if I told you that it had nothing to do with food and everything to do with Idols? Well two Idols in fact that are rewriting the way an Idol Pop live…

IDOL ROCK Unit DEEP GIRL Oricon Top 10 or Disband Debut Single Mission


Idol Rock Unit DEEP GIRL from the Fuji TV show of the same name have set for themselves a mighty task for their July 1st  self titled debut single. The group must reach top 10 on the Oricon rankings chart with this single or they will disband. The single will…

Shizukaze & Kizuna -Idol Rock Pioneers Call It A Day

shizukaze and kizuna

One of the pioneers of Idol rock dating back to 2009 as separate groups before uniting into a one unit idol rock machines Shizukaze & Kizuna has announced that they were ending activities as a group. Unlike other Idol units that have set a date for an ending live ,…

Tsubaki Factory Joins Hello!Project

Tsubaki Factory

Looks like former Berryz Kobo captain Saki Shimizu is settling in well to her new position as an Hello!Project advisor. After having an active role in the creation and naming of Kobushi Factory ,Saki is at it again with Tsubaki Factory. Tsubaki comes from the flower Camellia Japonica which is…

Ruuna, Mimori, Koumi Set to Leave Dorothy Little Happy for callme


Dorothy Little Happy is in the news on Pure Idol Heart today as they have made a major announcement about the future of the group. Akimoto Ruuna, Tominaga Mimori, Hayasaka Koumi are going to graduate from Dorothy Little Happy on July 12th to become the group callme, fulltime. callme was…

Join the Idol Revolution: Dream Station Team Water Start an Idol Revolution


Dream Station Team Water is an entertaining Idol unit that I’ve been following for a little bit now. Team Water are members of a multi-unit idol group called Dream Station. Dream Station are “survival themed Idols” with each unit taking on a name related to something needed for mankind`s survival….