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Idol News #3: Idoling!!!, BABYMETAL, Linda III Sei

Idoling!!! will finally be releasing a single. It’s been a while since they last released Sakura, thank You. Their new summer single is titled Summer Lion, and it’ll be released in August. Idoling!!! does pretty well with their summer singles, so let’s hope this single isn’t the typical generic idol…

Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll

arrange image

Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll By Pure Idol Heart Staffer:Gaki Recently I had the pleasure to discover another Idol group and Pure Idol Heart staff has started the process in making friendships with the group that we hope will grow just like the other groups and managers we have made friends with….

Idol News #5: PASSPO, Fairies, Aflia Saga


PASSPO☆ will be releasing their 8th single titled Step & Go/ Candy Room on May 22. That’s right, it’s a double a-side! PASSPO☆’s first double single. Step & Go is the theme song for an anime, while Candy Room is the theme song to PASSPO☆’s new variety show. In addition,…

LinQ’s Major Debut!


Mega Idol group LinQ is finally having their major debut! The group debuted in 2011 and released Hajimemashite under JMP. Then, they signed onto T-palette records and released a few more singles. Now, they have officially debuted under Warner Brother Music, with their single Chime ga Owareba, which is their…

Idol Round Up: March 28,2013


Idol Round Up: Himekyun , Linda Sansei, BABYMETAL, Pock∞t, Yurihime Parallel, Sizukaze & KIZUNA ,Alice Project, Natokan It`s been a while since I have taken a look around the Idol world. Well actually I have been storing everything up on the Pure Idol Heart Facebook until my time was free…

Idol News #4: M3, Passpo☆, Palet


♪M3 is a new sub unit of the idol group Fairies, and consists of Miki, Mahiro, and Miria. A short preview of the group’s debut single Yumemiru Dancing Doll has been uploaded on the Fairies channel! The short preview gives you a rough listen as to what the song will…