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Mysterious New Artist, Did Tsunku`s Daughter Have Debut?


Normally our focus is on lesser known Idol units who are not as well covered as the large house company groups ,however something has the Idol wotas all in a state of investigation and excitement. There is a new artist that has made her debut ,that looks a lot like…

SRAM Brings Idol Rock to Life with Mentai Rock Sound


Idol rock group SRAM on June 9th released their 3rd single “You May Dream/Kawaii Ano Ko” .The single continues their presentation of the Mentai rock sound to the idol world. Mentai rock is a style of Japanese rock that originated in the late 70s and early 80s in the Hakata…

The Land of Idols Crowdfund Idol Film Project


The Land of Idols is a crowd-funded documentary on the world of Japanese Idol genre and is directed by Jean Armand Bougrelle through production by Loaded Films. The Land of Idols takes a look at the world of Idols in a very respectful way .Much too often when talking about…

Eren Uncrowned Queen of the Indie Idol World


Eren-Chan is a self-described “once in a 100 years Idol genius” , she is the self-described “uncrowned Queen of the Indie Idol world” .Here love and poison Tsundere nature and voice has captured many hearts and collected rave reviews in the Indie Idol ranks. Eren-Chan is a “sentimental “hard rock…

Rinahamu Creates New Idol Group BPM15Q

BPM15Q 2

The last time IchigoRinahamu was on this web site, the subject was her sell 5,000 CDs or retire challenge. Now Rinahamu has teamed up with an Idol named Nicamoq to create a DJ Vocal unit called BPM15Q (BPM Ichigokyuu). BPM15Q will be a “yume-kawaii” (dreamy cute) themed Idol group and…

Pla2me Goes to POP!


When Mari Mizuta announced that she was leaving the duo ,there was a lot of questions what ex-BiS member Saki Kamiya would do next in her career or if Pla2me would reform as a new duo. On May31st 2015 at Mari`s graduation live it was announced that Pla2me was done…

It`s All Your Fault! A new Type of Idol Rock Group

all your fault

  From the moment that fellow rock music associates that a new yami-kawaii” idol Rock unit was being creating for a new Mensoore Aina [x-Ayaman JAPAN] project called “Yan-Doru Project” ,I’ve been curious about how this would play out. The group name is It`s All Your Fault! (Zenbu Kimi no…

Join the Idol Revolution: Dream Station Team Water Start an Idol Revolution


Dream Station Team Water is an entertaining Idol unit that I’ve been following for a little bit now. Team Water are members of a multi-unit idol group called Dream Station. Dream Station are “survival themed Idols” with each unit taking on a name related to something needed for mankind`s survival….

FRUITPOCHETTE : Statement of Paradox ,Releases Souten –Paradox MV

fruitpochette 2015

  When you say the words “ vanguards of kawaii-metal” ,it seems the metal media world outside of our lovely island of Japan ,seem to think that it is BABYMETAL and a bunch of copycat groups jumping on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I can understand this naive thinking for those just…

Idol Exclusive E-Magazine Issues 9 & 10 Available

exclusive 9 and 10

Issues 9 and 10 from our Thai partner’s free Thai language Idol E-Magazine is ready for download through this article. In Issue 9 you will find Idol exclusive issue 9 out now ***(มีกิจกรรมแจกรางวัลด้วยนะรายละเอียดด้านล่างเลยยย)*** >>>DOWNLOAD<<< Idol exclusive issue 9 สามารถ download ได้แล้วนะครับฉบับนี้ท่านจะได้พบกับ Exclusive idol :FES☆TIVE New face idol : Miniature…