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IDOL ROCK Unit DEEP GIRL Oricon Top 10 or Disband Debut Single Mission


Idol Rock Unit DEEP GIRL from the Fuji TV show of the same name have set for themselves a mighty task for their July 1st  self titled debut single. The group must reach top 10 on the Oricon rankings chart with this single or they will disband. The single will…

Shizukaze & Kizuna -Idol Rock Pioneers Call It A Day

shizukaze and kizuna

One of the pioneers of Idol rock dating back to 2009 as separate groups before uniting into a one unit idol rock machines Shizukaze & Kizuna has announced that they were ending activities as a group. Unlike other Idol units that have set a date for an ending live ,…

Join the Idol Revolution: Dream Station Team Water Start an Idol Revolution


Dream Station Team Water is an entertaining Idol unit that I’ve been following for a little bit now. Team Water are members of a multi-unit idol group called Dream Station. Dream Station are “survival themed Idols” with each unit taking on a name related to something needed for mankind`s survival….

FRUITPOCHETTE : Statement of Paradox ,Releases Souten –Paradox MV

fruitpochette 2015

  When you say the words “ vanguards of kawaii-metal” ,it seems the metal media world outside of our lovely island of Japan ,seem to think that it is BABYMETAL and a bunch of copycat groups jumping on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I can understand this naive thinking for those just…

Pla2me : Creative Differences Leads to Member Leaving


                                     [Mari]                           [Saki] When you hear the words left due to creative differences ,that`s often a code word in metal music to nicely say “they got on my last nerve”. In Idol genre you don`t see those words instead you see graduation ,that is until Mari Mizuta claimed “they got…

DISSENTER DOLLS: A Fresh Force in Idol Rock

dissenter dolls

A few days ago I had the great pleasure of seeing a new Idol Rock unit make their debut live. The unit is known as DISSENTER DOLLS. It`s clear from their debut that this unit plans to join the growing Idol Rock genre ranks will full force. With a group…

FRUITPOCHETTE: Find a Clever? New MV Release

fruitpochette 2015

It seems like it`s been a very long time since Idol Metal unit FRUITPOCHETTE  released a new music video, well that`s because it has. FRUITPOCHETTE the group that is light on music videos, but heavy on touring has a new full length album out titled “Crest of Evil” that they…

BABYMETAL The Dark Nights Begin New Tour 2015

babymetal dark knights

Metal Idols BABYMETAL are gearing up for a new round of tour dates as the young teen Idols plan to take the metal world head on ,with their brand of Pop/Metal mix. Since the arrival of BABYMETAL to the Idol genre, several more groups have picked up the flag of…

nIo: new Idol order Reborn!

nio reborn

For months there has been growing speculation on the future of idol metal unit new Idol order .There was great reason for concerns as this past August then member and now former member No.#1 “buried” her two sister members No.#2 and No.#3 in a pit under the cover of darkness…

+TIC COLOR: Melodic Hard Core Idols from East Tokyo

+tic color

+TIC COLOR (plastic color) is an Idol group that got started April 2013. They describe their music style as melodic hard core. Their live shows are the trademark of this group as these energetic Idols bring a rock style to the stage and their fans return the energy back to…