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Look at S/mileage 3rd Gen Members

smileage 3rd gen

The group soon to not be named S/mileage has announced their new 3rd generation members and they are – Sasaki Rikako, Murota Mizuki and Aikawa Maho. Well I got Rikako in a group just not the group I predicted days ago. So with Rikako now maybe one day becoming the…

Morning Musume ’14 the 12th Gen Effect

new photo 12th gen

Anytime any group debuts , adds new members it brings with it an excitement in the air ,just taking a quick glance into the fan base of Morning Musume ’14 and the reactions or impact the new members have had is already showing. If you compare the girls to a…

First Look at Morning Musume`14 12th Gen Members

new photo 12th gen

It`s not often I find myself excited for a major Idol group ,however I have a strong history with this group ,following them since the first generation`s debut .The years of watching their hour long TV show ,experiencing the highs and lows this group has faced. They have through it…

Breaking Morning Musume’14 12th Gen Members Are

MM 14 Audition

Breaking Morning Musume’14 12th Gen Members Are This is a short announcement more details to come. Just announced at the concert Here you go your 12th Gen Members of Morning Musume’14 Ogata Haruna 15 Osaka Nonaka Miki 14 Shizuoka Haga Akane 12 Nagano (Kenshuusei) Hello!Project Training School Makino Maria 13…

National Media Predictions on Morning Musume。’14 12th Gen Members.

MM 14 Audition

Yahoo, Japan, One of the national media outlets has made predictions on who will be announced on the 30th as the 12th Generation members for Morning Musume。’14 .So I thought it may be interesting to see who the media feels is the best fit as new members for Morning Musume。’14….

Let S/mileage Fix Your Problems: Group Becomes Fan Councilors


Let S/mileage Fix Your Problems: Group Becomes Fan Councilors Well this is a new way to do group promotions as S/mileage have become fan councilors. ≪Rules of the consultation event≫ ※ The consultation event is a talk event where one member of S/mileage will listen to your worries and try…