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Get WILD With International JPop Artist Kevn

'WILD' Cover artwork

The other day I had the time to be properly introduced to a singer that I had heard of briefly before. I say briefly only because outside of my normal metal genre ,when focusing on Idol genre and Pure Idol Heart I tend to only focus on female groups ,however…

An Idols Mind Most Beautiful

raw ham and baked  noodles 1

What comes to your mind when I mention the words raw ham and baked noodles? Food right! What if I told you that it had nothing to do with food and everything to do with Idols? Well two Idols in fact that are rewriting the way an Idol Pop live…

Join the Idol Revolution: Dream Station Team Water Start an Idol Revolution


Dream Station Team Water is an entertaining Idol unit that I’ve been following for a little bit now. Team Water are members of a multi-unit idol group called Dream Station. Dream Station are “survival themed Idols” with each unit taking on a name related to something needed for mankind`s survival….

KAMIYADO: New Shining Idols


The hardest road to the top is through the Independent Idol ranks ,it`s a genre were the Idols themselves are as much a part of their development and concepts as the staff. Indie Idols are not blessed with an army of staff waiting on their every need. They don`t always…

Idol Metal unit nIo Return as nIo-destroy

nio reborn

The last time we talked about nIo it was just after member No.1 had left the group and “buried” the remaining members in a “shallow grave” only for the members to shortly afterwards be seen as spirits in photos shot at night. This was followed by the appearance of the…

絶叫する60度: Screaming Idol Punk Mayhem

Zekkyousuru 60do

Zekkyousuru 60do [The screaming sixties] is an Nagoya based Idol unit that has been coming on strong lately and one that has really got my interest with their energetic live shows and colorful members. The group is made up of members Kai and Montero and produced by the band 6%…

BILLIE IDLE® The Anarchy of Self-proclaimed “NOT IDOLS”

billie idle 2

Well the masterminds behind BiS are at it again ,first there was BiSH now there is BILLIE IDLE® and Idol group that has decided that the anarchy of being of Self-proclaimed “NOT IDOLS” is their path in Idol. BILLIE IDLE® released their debut single titled “Anarchy in the music scene”…

Idol POXX Arrival


POXX is a brand new Idol group from Cambodia that will make their official debut in Siemreap on March 15. POXX is also the first Cambodian based group to be featured on Pure Idol Heart web site. POXX is a group under development of Cambodia Stars Academy ,who is produced…



PINKFOXはじめに PINKFOX:すべての心と強さでシャイニング これはメンバーの一人に加えられた特別な約束であり、 9月の記事の更新] 2013年6月にみよし市の活性化を目的に結成された地域応援アイドルです。オリジナルの歌やダンス、イベントへの出演等を通してみよし市の PR活動を行っていきます。 ピンクフォックスは愛知県みよし市の活性化と市の魅力を広く発信していくことを目的に、みよし商工会により結成された街のアイドルです。 2013年6月に行った公募により選出されたみよし市在住の 元気な10代~20代の女性7人で結成されています。 ピンクフォックスの名前は一般から公募し、ピンクはみよし市の花”さつき”の色より、フォックスは三好稲荷のキツネよりきています。 主な活動はオリジナルの曲やダンスで市内・近隣イベント等に出演していきます。 応援よろしくお願いします!! メンバーの写真、プロフィール、twitter のリンク 名前:のん 誕生日:12月14日 好きなもの:芋けんぴ 特技:歌うこと 趣味:カラオケ 名前:紗綾 誕生日:12月30日 好きなもの:動物・アンティーク雑貨・音楽 特技:顔の筋肉がやわらかい 趣味:音楽鑑賞・ショッピング・お絵かき 名前:結羽 誕生日:08月18日 好きなもの:猫グッズ・ONEPIECEのCHOPPER・甘いもの 特技:ダンス・すぐに寝れること 趣味:ラクガキ・お買いもの 名前:新井 ゆか 誕生日:06月24日 好きなもの:ピュレグミ、じゃがりこ、リラックマ、ミッキー、マイクワゾウスキー 特技:ダンスを早く覚えられること、暗算 趣味:歌うこと、踊ること、食べること 名前:みかん 誕生日:04月09日 好きなもの:カルピス、ミニー、ダッフィー、ひまわり 特技:ダンス 趣味:DVD鑑賞 名前:エミカ 誕生日:12月15日 好きなもの:ハイキュー、小説、ぬいぐるみ 特技:変顔 趣味:小説を書くこと、クッキーづくり…

Karin Maruyama : The Eternal Idol on the Stairway of Dreams

Karin Maruyama 2

This might be the first time that your hearing the name Karin Maruyama and if that is the case ,then I am about to introduce you to a most special Idol. Karin was born in 1993 in Fukushima Prefecture and she goes by the nickname Rin-chan and made her debut…