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Idol Exclusive E-Magazine Issues 9 & 10 Available

exclusive 9 and 10

Issues 9 and 10 from our Thai partner’s free Thai language Idol E-Magazine is ready for download through this article. In Issue 9 you will find Idol exclusive issue 9 out now ***(มีกิจกรรมแจกรางวัลด้วยนะรายละเอียดด้านล่างเลยยย)*** >>>DOWNLOAD<<< Idol exclusive issue 9 สามารถ download ได้แล้วนะครับฉบับนี้ท่านจะได้พบกับ Exclusive idol :FES☆TIVE New face idol : Miniature…

Idol POXX Arrival


POXX is a brand new Idol group from Cambodia that will make their official debut in Siemreap on March 15. POXX is also the first Cambodian based group to be featured on Pure Idol Heart web site. POXX is a group under development of Cambodia Stars Academy ,who is produced…