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S/mileage New Name Is?

smileage 3rd gen

Hello!Project Idol group S/mileage has a new name S/mileage new name is ANGERME “ANGERME” was named by S/mileage member Nakanishi Kana, Kana said about the name- “I made up the word by combining ‘ange’, meaning angel in French, and ‘larme’ meaning tear. I have a tender image for angel, and…

Idol Exclusive Free E-Magazine Past Editions available for download.

Edition #5 October 2014

As part of our media agreement with Idol Exclusive Idol Exclusive staff have made available all past editions of their Idol E-Magazine for the readers of Pure Idol Heart. You can freely download them at their menu on our web site. All future magazine editions made available to Pure Idol…

~~~Special Announcement~~~ Pure Idol Heart ,Idol Exclusive Start Media Partnership


On behalf of Idol Exclusive ,Pure Idol Heart is pleased to announce a new promotional partnership with Idol Exclusive. This relationship is designed to do five things that will allow both Pure Idol Heart and Idol Exclusive media sites greater ability to share and promote Idol related news. This includes…