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Member of 3b Junior Idol In Coma After TV Taping Accident


A member of the idol group 3b Junior Idol made up of 25 Idols age 10-16 and connected to the same company that oversees the highly popular Idol group Momoiro Clover Z and others ,has suffered a terrible accident while filming a variety TV show. On January 28th five members… Joins Pure Idol Heart for New Weekly Program

Dansugumiinc 2

We are pleased to announce a new weekly program featuring the Thai dance idol group Cover since their debut on Pure Idol Heart has quickly become one if not the hottest group we have introduced to Idol fans. debut introduction reached number one in our rankings…

4TE MORE Officially On Sale


This is just a short note to say that Jenny of 4TE has let us know that their debut single is now on sale , You can get it here for a good price of only $4.00 US. To learn more about this group please see our past two…

TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE Say Goodbye to Idol World Hello! JPOP World


TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE has made a surprising announcement that starting April 2015 ,they will no longer consider themselves or market themselves as an Idol genre group. Instead they will become an non-Idol JPop group. What this means is that the group is cutting all connections to their Idol past ,such…

Introducing 4TE Bringing A New Style of Idols to JPop.


Anyone that knows me on a personal private level knows that I absolutely enjoy helping groups out ,and most of the time this helping out never makes our web site or is mentioned by me at all as all discussions are kept private and involve my music life away from…

nIo: new Idol order Reborn!

nio reborn

For months there has been growing speculation on the future of idol metal unit new Idol order .There was great reason for concerns as this past August then member and now former member No.#1 “buried” her two sister members No.#2 and No.#3 in a pit under the cover of darkness…

Breaking Update: Babyraids Changes Name!!!!


Well this one caught me by surprise as I had no idea they were considering a name change. On December 18th Babyraids were performing in the famed Nippon Budokan and during their encore the group announced that they had changed their name to “Babyraids JAPAN.” Babyraids members explained that the…