Rena Sato Launches Magical Punchline

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Sometimes you can`t keep a good idol down or in this case out of the industry long. Former Idoling!!! Member Rena Sato decided she was not yet finished being an idol and recently set off on a journey to create a group to call her own and she found it in the group Magical Punchline.

Sato just didn`t stumble into the group , no she was hands on in its creation ,Sato personally took part in the member auditions , concept ,costume design and all things Magical Punchline.
Sato selected the concept of a “girls fantasy” mixing elements of Harry Potter and Dragon Quest into her own fantasy world in which the members attend a magical training school known as “Tiger`s Gate”.
When thinking about the costumes Sato didn`t want to go the traditional kawaii witch looks, instead she wanted to use the rich pastel colors found in the fashion magazine LARME.

Magical Punchline fantasy world map (details on their web site under Magipedia)

magical punchline  kingdom

Magical Punchline will be releasing their debut mini album on July 20th, 2016 .The six track album is sure to capture the hearts of the lovers of Kawaii Pop (the traditional Japanese style Idol music).
Sadly on a related note the group music will be released through PONYCANYON who have not accepted the terms of YOUTUBE RED meaning Idol fans in the United States will be screwed out of enjoying this group without alternative video sites helping out.

magical punchline members

Magical Punchline is Anna Asano (15) , Rina Koyama (13)  , Leader Rena Sato (17) , Himawari (Hima) Shimizu (13) , and Yuna Okiguchi (18) .




2016年3月に行われた結成後初のお披露目イベントでは、デビュー前にもかかわらず1,000名以上の応募が殺到するなど、数々の大型アイドルグループがメジャーデビューを果たす2016年においても大きな注目を集めている。2016年7月20日、ミニアルバム「MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE」でポニーキャニオンよりメジャーデビュー。

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