NECRONOMIDOL Announces from chaos born!


Ultradark Japanese Idol Unit NECRONOMIDOL is set to Release their new EP “from chaos born” on June 15. “from chaos born” features six tracks (listed below) that display the idol groups growth and diverse influences ranging from black metal , power metal, traditional idol pop and shoegaze (subgenre of alternative rock that started in the 80s United Kingdom).

For the cover artwork no better name could have been selected than the legendary manga artist Toshio Maeda (best known as the creator of Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl as well as for his recent collaboration with streetwear brand SUPREME) with group photography by the respected photographer Kenta Sotobayashi who has worked with the likes of BiSH and Oyasumi Hologram.

NECRONOMIDOL continue to build by going their own road and places idol groups never thought about touring such as their recently completed tour of New Caledonia and June 30th they will take another important step to reach the Nippon Budokan and that is a live concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.


Cover Artwork


“from chaos born” Track Listing

Audio samples on their web site

01 psychopomp
02 Shimin Kaihougun
03 Nyx
04 Tamam Shud
05 Midnight Dominator
06 Idols Elegy
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