Former Secret Girls Member Mayu Tomita Stabbed By Stalker When Entering Fan Event

mayu tomita

Former Secret Girls Mayu Tomita sadly today is fighting for her life after being stabbed 24 times by 27 year old Tomohiro Iwazaki.
Tomita was scheduled  to attend a fan event in Koganei, Tokyo when Iwazaki who had been stalking Tomita for some time on her twitter and blog account ,followed her to her scheduled fan event and attacked her resulting in 24 stab wounds .

Iwazaki was able to reach Tomita by attacking her as she approached the entrance to the live house .As Tomita was approaching the stairs to the live house Iwazaki assaulted the young idol ,repeatedly stabbing her. On lookers quickly called police who found the man nearby Tomita covered in her blood and holding a knife. Iwazaki admitted to being a fan and having feelings for Tomita, who he felt was rejecting him or not treating him more special.

Tomita  is currently in a coma and suffering stab wounds to her back, both arms, neck, and her chest.


Secret Girls was made up of

secret girls
Liz☆ (Yuna Ito from IDOLING!!)
Bee (Kaede Hashimoto from IDOLING!!)
MORM (Nao Asahi from IDOLING!!)
YAH (Nanami Mitsyhashi)
EYE (Mayu Tomita)