Net-idol group Shining Academy Sets Up Crowd Fund Campaign


A fresh face International JPop net-idol group known as Shining Academy [inspired by Sakura Gakuin] have started work on their debut single which is untiled at present time. The group will also be releasing a cover version of C-ute’s Gamusha LIFE.
Trying to be a professional music artist is difficult ,demanding and costly even with the best label and company support .Trying to do it in the developing net-idol community which features groups without agency support ,is even more difficult.

Shining Academy is looking at many ways to get their growing fan base to be a part of the process and they have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to help meet their debut goal.
The campaign is to help continue to pay the professionals as well as others that have agreed to help the group as well as meet the increasing promotional costs.
All pledges will be used to meet the economic demands the group is facing to present fans a quality release.
The group is actively discussing a number of benefit awards for pledgers wishing to take part.

Crowd funding campaigns have becoming more popular in the music industry around the world ,with even some of the biggest bands in the world taking part and offering pledgers exclusive goods ,CDs, meet and greets , one on one music lessons with members of the bands .

Even young Japanese Idol groups have funded entire albums and popular Visual Kei band Alice Nine recently took part in a crowdfund campaign.
Shining Academy is the newest name entering this new avenue music marketing.

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Disclaimer: Pure Idol Heart is not an active participant in this pledge campaign and simply serves as a media outlet, for this press release.