4TE : Leave A Message In New Single


“Leave A Message “is the new music video from International Pop group 4TE . The song is the group’s first single of the new year and was produced by PromWolf.
Mei [of 4TE] comments “「Leave A Message」 is much heavier, and much more eastern and western infused than the first two songs.”
The song has a funky bass line that PromWolf helped to create a new sound for the group ,while remaining true to the group’s core sound.
It is hard to point to any one thing that makes or breaks the single for me as I have my own reasons for liking or disliking a song and I generally if close to the artist share those thoughts privately.

For me there are a few things that replay in my mind and the first is I forgot just how wonderful Mei sings ,maybe the past release has been pushed far from my memory ,but I feel like Mei has taken a step forward with this release, maybe I feel like she expresses a feeling of confidence. Sometimes songs work differently for each vocalist as each one is not just about entertaining a fan base , but also the individual arts self-journey and reflections and i like each members growth in this release.

“Leave A Message “ Is one of those singles that I wished could be picked up for radio and video play internationally in a massive campaign as I feel it is their “turn a corner track” that could take the group to the next level and it’s simply a song that needs to heard.
I am really pleased with the overall growth 4TE has in this single and the feelings I have at the end that the group is becoming a stronger group that many people need to know.


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