Idol Catch Up: Former Morning Musume Member LinLin Becomes Idol Producer !

idol school

I am not sure how many of our readers were fans of Morning Musume when they had 2 Chinese members (JunJun & LinLin) .Both after a short stay returned to China and launched successful careers ,JunJun as an actress and now a young wife and LinLin went on to start a music career.

LinLin now has a new title and this is Idol Producer .LinLin is the producer for the Chinese Idol group called Idol School and honestly this group is amazing and LinLin`s songwriting brings them to life in a splendid package . You can quickly tell that LinLin has a great team supporting her in this venture from the videos they have released below.

LinLin writes the music and lyrics to their songs and has working relationships with many established names such as Nao Harada, Yo KEiGO, SHIKI, Seiji Kameda, and Kenichi Maeyamada (aka Hyadain).

The group has 25 members and has 130,000+ followers on their Weibo account and they recently did a concert on line for 12,000 viewers.
While China is just the start of things ,LinLin plans to bring her new group to visit us here in Tokyo soon. Please come soon LinLin ! and bring signed CDs,lol.

Idol School debut CD was released January 20th ,2016

Here is a recent concert
Part 1


Part 2



【MV】Idol School《我知道这张脸》


Idol School【Your Chapter】MV