Introducing British Maid Idol Unit M.O.E.

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M.O.E. is a British maid café idol unit  representing Maids of England Cafe that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to their staff over the past few days and with the members making debuts in Japan I felt our readers would find this talented group to their liking.

M.O.E. stands for Momoiro Otome Ensemble and as I mentioned in the lead in are a meidol (maid idol) unit. Meidol means idols that double as maid café workers.
M.O.E. have the pleasure of being the first meidol unit from the United Kingdom and their mission statement is to spread their brand of Moe around the world.
Moe is a catch all Japanese slang word describing the ultimate level of cuteness. Moe idols bring out strong feelings of affection in their fans. Moe idols are traditionally maid idols ,but it is not limited to maids .Moe has been introduced to characters in anime, manga, video games, media and even representative characters for economic issues . Moe was a term first used in the late 1980s era of idol and anime.

It is important to understand that Moe as a concept is not the same as confessing a romantic love , that is like saying your confessing your feelings for Sailor Saturn [her character is based on Moe concept] from the Sailor Moon series.

The best way to look at it is that the relationship M.O.E. wants to establish with fans is it is one that can only be understood by the members and their fans.

This past October the group released their first self-produced single titled “Moe Love”. Moe Love is one of the better non-agency/non-record label produced singles out in the self-produced idol field. Moe Love has crispness to it, well produced for this standard ,but more importantly the members voices blend well together and is pleasant to listen to on repeat play.

Moe Love tells the story of a typical day of being a maid meeting up with a goshujinsama for a date! Goshujinsama means “master” and is the name given to customers of maid cafes . It is a term you hear often in the cafes as well as old movies were wealthy land owners or castle lords would be greeted by staff.

Moe Love is the perfect introduction song by this group to express the true nature of Moe! If you’re a true fan of idol genre this is one single you should attempt to add to your collection. It is not often that such rare treasures are discovered and thankfully for M.O.E. with their first performances here in Japan ,they are well on their way of spreading their brand of Moe to the world.

MOE (Maids of England Cafe) / Momoiro Otome Ensemble members


05 - Miyuu

10 - Kyoko

07 - Nadeshiko

09 - Momo

03 - Ami

Moe Love MV

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