The Road to Idol Part One

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Today I want to introduce everyone to a young Idol who has in a short amount of time has become a dear friend.
To our facebook supporters she is known as Hayrii; however to the internet community you might know her as Akibakoala. Hayrii is one of a few foreign idols this genre currently has .She recently had the opportunity to showcase herself in Tokyo with several other Japanese idols. Hayrii has long wanted to become a singer and voice actress here in Japan and it was trough this dream that a door was open for her to live out her dream.

Hayrii`s “Road to Idol” officially started in March of this year when she was given the opportunity to represent Anime Weekend Atlanta at the first ever Haneda International Anime Music Festival in Tokyo. This festival features Japanese music performers from around the world.

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Hayrii followed this up with a July performance at Akihabara Sixteen café & Performance Theater. With these performances Hayrii`s desire to become a regular idol on the Japan Idol circuit only grew and she will shortly will be calling Japan her home and making a go of it as her performances has drawn interests from a number of contacts in the industry.

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Hayrii is a bright star in the genre, be it creating vocal /dance covers, performing with the dance group Dansu to Pantsu or in 2016 marching forward in the concert houses of Tokyo and voice acting dreams, she is one to watch out for.

Hayrii`s best performance and what was to be the showcase concert of this article ,is victim of the YouTube Red block ,so we decided editing it would ruin the concert and left it out.

Haneda International Anime Music Festival 2015


at Anime Weekend Atlanta Maid Cafe


Please look forward to “The Road to Idol Part Two” with Hayrii coming soon

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