Mari Mizuta Joins Indie Idol Super Group mtopi with Mikichu and Yuri Shinohara

mtopi 1

It is not often that we get the birth of an Indie Idol super group, so when we do ,you stop everything you’re doing and report it.

mtopi is a new idol unit featuring Miki Mizuki (ex-Mikichu), Mari Mizuta (ex-Pla2me/Izukoneko) , and Yuri Shinohara (ex-TAKENOKO▲).
The group will have an official live debut December 5th at Shinjuku MARZ.
Mikichu made her name as a solo idol before changing her name to Miki Mizuki ,while Mari left the original version of Pla2me and before then was a well-known Indie soloist. Yuri joins the group from the disbanded TAKENOKO▲ to round out the super group.

Their debut cannot come fast enough


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