Introducing South Brazil Dance Cover Net-Idol Group : Furitsuke-DAN

Furitsuke DAN 1

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to be introduced to a JPop inspired dance cover net-Idol group from the Southern part of Brazil. The girls are giving it their best in an region that does not see many JPop inspired groups, in fact were they are located they are the only JPop cover in a sea of KPop cover groups.

Furitsuke-DAN is a 5+1 member group , 5+1 means they have fulltime members and one parttime member .What I find interesting about these young ladies , besides the fact they are easy to carry on a conversation wide ,is their heritage . The members live in a part of Brazil that has multi-generation European descendants giving these young ladies a mix of German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian family heritage.

Furitsuke-DAN started out in June 2013 and the members are Bami [19] (leader), Nana [18] (president/vice leader) and possibly the best expressionist dancer in my mind of the group, Mieko [18], Tessa [16] and Miyo [19] and Nana’s sister Maria [14].

Furitsuke DAN 3

Recently the group has added singing to their live events to growing success. The members take their inspiration from Danceroid, hello project groups, AKB48, love live and Nico dancers.

Being so far from the Idol promise land Furitsuke-DAN is doing their best to promote their love for Idols and Idol genre.




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