Introducing Himezawa Japan Based International Idol

himezawa 3

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a short talk with a charming German Model/Actress/Idol here in Tokyo. Her name is HIMEZAWA and just this past month she released her debut single titled “Wagamama LOVE”.

HIMEZAWA has become well known for her cosplay, fashion and make up and she  has created a number of videos on these topics on her YouTube channel.
HIMEZAWA also earlier this year released a book .This book is called Staubmädchen, making this charming young Model/Actress/Idol an accomplished Novelist.
Staubmädchen [Trailer]

As an Idol as I mentioned above she has released her debut single. HIMEZAWA has put this single on iTunes as well as the MV on YouTube. One of the things I like about the single is that HIMEZAWA co-wrote the lyrics, something that is rarely seen in Idols as most Idols simply learn the songs written for them.

As a model she has worked for the well-known KERA publication and many other endorsements, fashion shows and television programs in Japan and Europe.

himezawa 2 himezawa 4I have been very fortunate to be involved in music and I owe a lot of that to my father, his musical talents and his willingness to educate me in music industry as a young child .Through rock music and Idol music, I have been introduced to many people and made a lot of friends with fellow musicians, producers and Idols that I treasure.

One person that I am thankful to being introduced to in only a short talk is HIMEZAWA .She is a charming women, wonderful talent that I believe will be a star in anything she sets her mind to.

To follow my new friend