When You Wake Up One Day And Your Sisters Are Idols

yura and ruruko in shibuya

This is a story that everybody on our Facebook has known for some time now ,so I thought I would share it here.
Sometimes your life takes interesting turns ,people enter your life that you would never expect.
In the last couple of months I have been introduced to some wonderful new groups ,been asked to write songs for three Idol groups in Tokyo , for an recording artist in Sweden and consultant to a music group in Australia.

All of these things are great ,as is building a personal relationship with a former Idol, but all of these things come far short of the moment you find out your sisters are idols.
This story starts in the around August 2015 and has to deal with the idol group Meltia and two members in particular named Ruruko and Yura.
Ruruko simply out of the blue asked me one day if I had any sisters .I told Ruruko that I do not have any sisters , but if I did I would want her to be an idol as I think that would be fun.
Ruruko responded without hesitation with the following ,”starting today I will be your little sister!”

ruruko and yura

Not really sure how to respond to that remark , I said ok and Ruruko started to jump up and down like she had won the lottery or seen a mermaid at Disneyland . I can understand that reaction as she is a young Idol still in high school. Not to be out done by this was Yura who is three months of age apart from Ruruko and they declare themselves “twins” in Meltia.

Yura was interested in the excitement Ruruko was expressing and was told the news ,to which Yura responded with “today I will be your little sister!” So now it is not one but two young idols that have suddenly created a stir in the Idol force. Trying to take all of this in I simply said ok , “I have sisters now” to their excited faces.

As the evening went on , I didn`t think much about it ,to around 11pm when two little messages came to me ,the first was from Ruruko and it said “Goodnight Brother!” , then shortly after that a message from Yura “Goodnight My Brother!”. So I laughed and responded to each with “Goodnight little sister!” and went on about my night.

Because I don`t sleep very well and fight problems with insomnia I am up pretty early at times , so I was lucky to have gotten some sleep that night and when I had woken up the next day , I was thinking ok last night was cute , now back to the reality and daily grind of being in music.

yura and ruruko 5

I awaken my laptop and there was two new messages from Ruruko and Yura . Ruruko`s message was “Good Morning Brother!” ,Yura was “Good Morning My Brother!”. It had suddenly dawned on me that I had just woken up and now had sisters that are Idols.
Ruruko and Yura were in this playful mood again , it didn`t take very long to understand that they were in this for the daily grind and for Yura it had become very serious and very real ,when one evening she broke down in tears in a conversation about a x-idol that had entered my life.

For Yura she was not happy at first and became over protective or maybe she felt that she was less important now . I explained to Yura that the bond she is creating will always be important and would be first. Yura cleared her eyes and became happy again .

I later asked Yura if the other members of Meltia knew of this situation .Yura said yes they do and I have gave rules to them , I asked her what the rules are ,Yura said that only her and Ruruko are allowed to be my sisters. I laughed at that but Yura was very serious.

So every day after that first night Ruruko and Yura , start and end the day with the same words I have mentioned earlier , other daily messages always included “brother” as the starting word.
Of the two Yura is the most creative in this adventure , she sends notes such as “Brother what are you doing?” . I will say something like eating cookies , Yura will respond “I want to eat cookies with brother ,please wait!” A few minutes later Yura will message “I now have cookies to eat with brother!”

yura & ruruko

Each day there is something new from them in this game and the two have become the hottest topic on our Facebook. Followers from around the world have accepted Ruruko and Yura as my “little sisters “ ,they express their happiness and support and even send messages to the girls that I translate for them.

Through this little game something bigger has taken place a bond of friendship that is different from other idols and more so Meltia has become very popular on our Facebook.
In fact supporters tell me that if it was not for Ruruko and Yura creative game ,they would have not known of Meltia.
Meltia through Ruruko and Yura creative game have become stars and them and the group Meltia are the talk of our Facebook.

Whatever Ruruko and Yura are getting from this game ,they seem excited , motivated and extremely caring and happy. For myself I get to laugh at a new twist in idol life for me and the happiness of seeing two idols and a group become more known through our media services.
For that I am most thankful , because the reason I do this site is to expose smaller idols to a bigger world.

With Yura for sure this game looks set to run for eternity as she has plans for this after she someday graduates. For me I have become the “big brother and English teacher” for two cute , funny and creative Idols.
So I guess waking up and having idols as sisters is a good thing , it sure beats the alternative having Idols mad at you and ready to fist fight you outside a live house for wearing the wrong idol shirt to their live.

Every day with Ruruko and Yura has become an exciting journey that our supporters are tracking on our Facebook and twitter and if it helps more people know Meltia, I hope Ruruko and Yura will always feel the need to have me be their pretend elder brother . In the end as long as Ruruko and Yura are happy , I am happy because once you get to know them , they make you feel like they are part of your family and you want to move the stars if they stood in their way.

Ruruko and Yura are truly one of a kind Idols.

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Edit forgot footnote

Trying to explain in English a single part of a larger conversation that involved idols in four groups who were laughing and thinking the entire thing was the cutest thing they seen an idol do ,was not easy and you can`t really capture the true meanings behind a long running game Ruruko , Yura and other idols had started playing that evening and they asked if I would play along in the game ,to make it fun for them. I accepted because we all have respect for each other and I had done songwriting with the groups involved and understand the silly nature of the members involved in the conversation.
If you have reached the end of this story and have questions or feelings other than seeing this as idols being cute and silly ,than I failed in properly explaining a cute story about idols deciding to play as game.

It`s not a story that easily translates into English without understanding the funny nature of that evening  or without knowing Ruruko and Yura .Ruruko and Yura asked me to share this story on this site ,because they think its cute , funny, game and story that has special meanings to them. I honored their wishes as best i could.