Saki Kamiya Faces Challenge to Stay in Idol Group POP!

saki pop2

One of our Supporters sent me a tweet about this late last night and asked if I would translate what it said and as it is an interesting challenge , I want to briefly mention it here as well.

The tweet stated that Saki had to face her most ultimate challenge to return to the group. Since she was placed on suspension from the group POP after they were thrown out of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 for encouraging and participating in wild crowd and stage disturbances , POP has struggled on without her.

Now she has her chance to return with conditions. Saki must complete a difficult 100km marathon challenge. If she finishes all 100kms she will return to the group ,if not she will see the end of the road in POP.

The staff has made this very difficult for Saki. Who was the only BiS member to finish their 100km challenge.
For Saki she must start at Fuji-Q Highland theme park and take a mountain course . Saki will have 24 hrs. to complete the marathon running from Fuji-Q Highland to their concert at Shimokitazawa SHELTER (In Tokyo).

Starting at 11:30 December 4th Saki will start her challenge ,if she does not reach the venue by concert start scheduled for December 5th at 11:30 she will lose her spot in POP and will be out of the group.

While this is a great promotion that will draw her overwhelming fan support the risks are very high , I am not sure I would do such a challenge .Then again if she completes it ,it takes her and the group to another level .

Idol groups & Idols throughout history have faced tremendous succeed or break up challenges ,to date I know of no idol group or Idol to ever fail.
Those 24 hours will be the most watched moments in Saki`s career and Idol odds say she will make it.
We will update her results when it comes out that day.


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