Idol Group POP Declares Total Combat!!!!

pop wrestling ring

Recently I mentioned about the idol group POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) involved in a mini drama in the run up to an anything goes Idol festival.
Well at the very end just before the festival Gyu-No Fest vol. 7 & Uta Musume Idol Dai-Senso/Pride of Pinchike (P.O.P.) Fest ,the Idol group declared “Idol Dai Senso! (Idol Total War!)”. For this Idol war POP assembled the following army POP, Oyasumi Hologram and BELLRING Girl’s Heart. Together these forces declared war on the Gyu-No Army consisting of Electric Ribbon, Yurumerumo!, and Moso Calibration.

The war took place October 3,2015 in Tokyo at the Shin-Kiba First Ring inside an wrestling ring. Like all great global conflicts there was rules of warfare as no army wants to be brought up on war crimes. For this Idol war the following was forbidden “no smoke candles ,no fireworks , no savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal treatment of enemy forces anything else is legal”.
With the rules in place the festival started and the great Idol Dai Senso! Got underway with the forces firing their opening attacks.

Electric Ribbon made the first assault on the POP Army defenses ,Erica was the first casualty of this battle as she suffered from the stress of it all and decided to start drinking in the ring ,in hopes a good drunk would clear her mind of the horrors of combat she had witness in Idol total war.

erica drinking 2electric ribbon

Did I mention this group is really good live and Erica never seen a beer she didn`t want to drink in a concert?


Oyasumi Hologram managed to hold the line for the POP army as they held off the hard charging Electric Ribbon. Oyasumi Hologram made an heroic counter attack , with Kanamiru giving the ultimate sacrifice in combat and sprayed mist on the enemy lines or in this case fans before diving off the ring into the enemy lines.
Oyasumi Hologram performance resulted in total chaos on the fans and the Gyu-No Army defense lines.

Oyasumi Hologram ringOyasumi Hologram ring 2Kanamiru
They also have fun concerts (put them on your live list)


Next was Yurumerumo! As the Gyu-No Army launched a fresh assault on the POP Army.
Yurumerumo! Created a break in the POP defense lines and chaos around the ring as the six members used everything they could in their live set to create maximum chaos.

you`ll melt more total chaos

(Do not pass up the chance to see them in concert)



Next the POP Army faced an flanking attack by Moso Calibration
Moso Calibration you can call them a bit of a shock force as their fans love to jump and have a legend to themselves at the levels they and their fans will go at concerts. Did I mention that every group in this fight have issues with rules at concerts. Moso Calibration in an attempt to confuse the POP defenders changed the choreograph of their songs ,they called on fans to run around the outside of the ring , overall their attack was an beautiful work of art.

moso cali
[Again put them on your concert list when visiting]


After this POP Army launched a major counter attack with BELLRING Girls’ Heart . BELLRING feel the most comfortable in strange settings or with objects in hand ,such as water bottles or being carried on platforms ,so a wrestling ring is home for them.
Kari and Anna brought boxing gloves and started to box and Kanra had a fake mustache and sunglasses .Kanra also decided to ride an hand cart .BELLRING was the most popular at the festival and is noted for their un-idol like stage shows.

bellring boxingbellring boxing 2 bellring boxing 3
You can do no wrong seeing this group live


Last was POP

pop wrestling ring
The idols thrown out of Tokyo Idol Festival along with agency sister group BiSH was the closing act ,which honestly was surprising as Moso and BELLRING at this stage are much more popular than POP.
The reason they were awarded the headliner position is due to the mini-drama which centered on POP trying to move forward with Saki Kamiya being suspended for diving off the stage at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 and for possibly other violations at other venues were stage diving is not allowed.

While an odd choice to go as headliner leaving the Gyu-No Army to have victory this night, this night was less about idol groups in battle and more about one group who has faced difficulties without their main drawing member. A group that finds themselves lost in the sea of rebel idol groups without Saki and often overwhelmed by the other idols they often perform with. Without Saki the group is lost and their performances are not as strong , but the entire point of them being headliner was for this reason.

When you look beyond the nature of rebel idol groups ,you see that the groups are trying very hard to stand out in an sea of 1,000s of Idol groups, were the more kawaii your group is the better for success.
POP is fighting hard to find their place in this idol world for now without Saki and that`s why Gyu-Zo the promoter of this event offered them this position and the mini drama when others on the lineup were more deserving .

With the restrictions coming down on rebel idol groups and Pinchike wotas as to how they can act at concerts ,will there be a place in idol for rebel idols and idol metal groups? Somehow Idol metal groups like Heavy Metal will survive ,for the rebel idols and Pinchike wotas , Pinchike festivals are becoming the only place left with the regulations to be free. With rebel groups looking at different venues and going even deeper underground to keep this movement alive Gyu-Zo is determined to keep this movement going forward.
As long as there is Gyu-Zo there will be a home for rebel idols for at least one night to be themselves and throw a Pinchike party.

Gyu-No Fest.
Electric Ribbon
Oyasumi Hologram
Moso Calibration
BELLRING Girls’ Heart