Tsunku♂ Graduates from Hello! Project


Vocalist for Sharam Q and legendary producer, composer and lyricist for Hello! Project has announced his graduation from the idol company. Tsunku♂ is seen as the father of Hello! Project groups by the current and former members. Tsunku♂ influence is strongly felt in the groups as he is known to have written 300 songs a year and took an active role in the groups naming , stage image and stage show, he also wrote songs for other Idol groups and artists outside Hello!Project.
Tsunku♂ Also took his share of blame and criticism for decisions that was not his. Being the face of the company, he took the blame for when times was bad, for member graduations and anything else fans on both sides of the ocean could place on him.

This was disrespectful to him as people seem to forget that there was a management company over Hello! Project and it was the CEO that often had the final say on all things.

Tsunku♂ said that he had broken away from Morning Musume in October 2014 after their concert in New York, however the pain of losing your voice as a singer and songwriter is difficult to take in and Tsunku♂ admitted that this is of great pain to him.

Tsunku♂ said that since he had reduced his work load and spent more time with his family, it allowed him to have time to reflect and decide it was time to step away from the groups that have been his musical life.

It was often joked among supporters of Hello! Project that when Tsunku♂ left it would mark the end of the company, but as we have seen so far the company goes on. Without Tsunku♂ Hello! Project faces a new future ,one that maybe a blessing or a curse .However Idol genre always bounces back and I believe that this is a chance for the groups of Hello!Project to work with fresh songwriters , bring in new ideas and sounds ,reinvent the groups .You are already seeing those changes over the last few months.

Tsunku♂ graduation is the end of one era and the birth of another; there was many things that Tsunku♂ and Hello! Project have accomplished since 1997 and many more great things will come to Hello! Project in the future.

Some might discredit what Tsunku♂ means to Idol genre, but the truth is there are many Idols in this industry today that were inspired by his songs and his vision for Morning Musume.

Idol genre is the better for the contributions that Tsunku♂ made through his songs and visions in Hello! Project and I am grateful that I was able to experience every step of that vision from 1997 until today.

Morning Musume. “Shabondama” (2003)
Lyrics and music by Tsunku♂


Morning Musume. “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” (2013)
Lyrics and music by Tsunku♂