BiSH Momoko Shares Too Much Information on Broadcast


You have heard the saying “Have a hot microphone ,will broadcast!” It more or less refers to a drunk that grabs a microphone and starts broadcasting every secret about the members of a company at a corporate party. (Also works for any gathering with a drunk and microphones)
Sometimes Idols have the same moment of “broadcasting Too Much Information” on a program. However if you are a member of the rebellious Idol group ,recently made famous by being thrown out of a major music festival ,is anything really off limits at this point?
BiSH member Momoko Gumi Company who is known for three things 1.Being tiny ,2.short haircut and 3.carefree to the point of being a without concerns talker, lol.
On a recent broadcast Momoko`s carefree spirit was let loose and was running free. Momoko was having her carry bag checked by the program host.
One of the first items selected was a yellow stained cloth . The host was interested in this cloth and asked Momoko about it.
Momoko stresses it`s not important and tosses it on to the floor as the members react to this yellow stained cloth.

momoko bish

The host suggests that they raffle it off , to which Momoko comments on it being a prize item.
Host again asks if it`s been used , to which BiSH member Hug Me said “Momoko peed on it!” Momoko agreed with this statement.
Focus briefly shifts from the cloth to her bag again. From the bag comes a jacket ,vitamin drink . Momoko explains that in elementary school she was weak at athletics. The host said it looks like an old man`s bag. Momoko stresses that she is a young women.

The talk again returns to the cloth ,with the host again pushing for what the cloth was used for.
Momoko said “Well, girls have a lot of, like, secretions.” To which the BiSH members react like “Don`t throw us under the bus with you on this!”
Momoko stresses that it happens to all of us, right? Members react with “Don’t bring us into this!” Momoko said “Fine! I’m leaving.” This resulted in the host talking about Momoko being the first Idol to speak about “Women`s discharge” on the show.

Momoko starts talking about eating tissue paper in the bathroom because she was nervous. She said after she used the bathroom and cleaned herself off ,she got more tissue and ate it.
The host said , normally you write a saying on your hand and swallow the saying.
Host asks Momoko to not talk about discharges on show.

momoko bish 3

Momoko asks “Why not?” Aina shouts out to Momoko if she was on her cycle now?
Host ends Momoko`s segment ,Momoko starts protesting about comments coming about ending support for her now.
Host pushes for a PR time as Momoko is still fighting over support comments.

Host defends Momoko by saying the stain is lemon rind ,BiSH members call “B.S.” on that and claims it`s a cover story.
Momoko stresses she is not on her month cycle ,it`s discharge . Hosts asks what was that about saying “I’m not on my period, it’s just normal discharge.”
Host asks her to do 30 second PR

Momoko said “OTNK? Okay, well, go watch it.” Chicchi said you have 30 seconds to Momoko.
Momoko said the lyrics are super cute , it talks about men sex organs (she used the actual word) ,about touching this and women being touched here.
The members all go into a general unrest .

Momoko tries to return to the discharge topic .Host calls for their producer ,and Momoko starts talking about members touching her butt.
Host asks Momoko to stop talking as the comments are turning on her.
Momoko said “I quit” ending her bizarre segment.

In my XX years on this planet ,I`ve heard Idols say many uneasy things ,but I have to say Momoko “you’re an Idol ,even if in a rebel group ,please don`t talk about discharges so freely, lol.”
One thing is for sure ,this group moves to the beat of their own drum and anything and everything is possible to come out of their mouth.
If Momoko is nearby , you can bet that at some point ,she will have “a hot microphone ,will broadcast!”