Yumizu Sutoorii: International Independent Artist Releases New JPop Single.

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A couple of days ago I was introduced to an JPop inspired artists currently living in Sweden, who is originally from Chile. I`ve spent a little of this evening getting to know her better and discuss a little bit about working with her .

Yumizu has a single that she has self-produced and released at live events in her homeland and through Bandcamp. The single is titled PINK FLUFF and in the single she was going for that anime vocal feel to event. For what she is trying to accomplish with it, it works well and the mix is balanced. Sometimes in these type projects the staff and artists are very inexperienced and the mix of the record hurts the final outcome.

With PINK FLUFF Yumizu got the effect she was looking for and if you’re a fan of the anime sounding voice in singles; you should give this a listen.
Yumizu style changes by the type song she is creating, but can be best characterized as “sugersweet pop”
Yumizu career path is pretty interesting, without the funding from any agency she has pressed forward with homemade videos and singles in 2009 and in 2010 she started working with a local songwriter, improving with each tiny step.

Yumizu has been steadily building up a local following in Sweden and is looking to branch out with her new release internationally and eventually tour and work out of the birthplace of Idol pop genre Japan.

With some of the things we have discussed privately today, I have no doubts that Yumizu has the drive to find her path in this genre.

The music video is currently being developed




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