Screaming Sixties Punishing Idol Punk Rockers Release MV

Zekkyousuru 60do

Idol Punk duo Zekkyou suru 60-do (Screaming Sixties) is an interesting mix of an idol group as one they use only twitter and live events to promote themselves, but more so the group members theme is that of Sadomasochistic Idols, in fact that`s how they describe themselves and the members are growing legends for the wild nature of their live shows. Their live shows feature fans getting hit with plastic bats, being yelled at, kicked and having cheki`s in various playful punishing poses. If you’re new to this group Montero plays the sadist in the group while Kai is the masochist character.

The Screaming Sixties have released a MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou” off their single “Utsusemi no Hana/Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou”! The single is true to this groups style can only be picked up at live events.

The music video is a different twist to the group’s image as Kai and the very tiny Montero normally wear black leather costumes and masks covering their eyes.
The concept of the music video is similar to other rock bands that have created alter ego versions of their bands to express their free spirited side as the members break away from their normal costumes and cosplay school uniforms. This change gives the group a sweet side that clashes perfectly with their normal live nature.

With the groups growing underground following and their anything goes as long as you accept you will be tortured and humiliated (playfully) by the group fan events, the Screaming Sixties just might be the most original Idol group that most of the genre fan base has never heard of before.

Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou MV

The group in concert with their producers the band 6% is Mine


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