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POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) quickly make a return visit to our web site ,fresh off setting our website and Facebook ablaze with the news on the group being expelled from the largest Idol Music Festival in Japan.
You can read my take on it and how I believe it was more so related to this album release at this link.
Yesterday the group released their first album titled P.O.P. In promotions for this new album they have released their first MV for the song “pretty pretty good “. I have to say it`s true to this groups roots of being an offspring of the anti-idol group BiS.
For this MV the members went to your traditional pretty Idol filming location of a scrap yard ,dressed in black sauna suits and tied in to a lift crane ,which happens to lift them above the scrap yard as the group performs the song .
It definitely fits their group image , even if it appears to have been a safety risk if the cable had snapped , again just like their eviction from the festival the appearance is often best talked about if it has some shock value.


The track listing has some interesting song titles and remakes of Pla2me [the first version of this unit] singles. The most interesting title is track 8 “3rd FLOOR BOYFRIEND”.
They have placed full song previews of their album on Soundcloud
Their first album titled P.O.P is out now , pick it up if you can and show your support to this new anti-Idol group.
Track Listing is as follows

01 Plastic 2 mercy(POP ver.)
02 pretty pretty good
03 fly away
04 who am I ?
05 UNIT(POP ver.)
07 Lonely lonely lonely
09 Daydream
10 Letter
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POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy)

UPDATE August 17th 2015

More On Saki of POP Troubles and being put on Indefinite Hiatus
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UPDATE SEPT 25 ,2015

BiSH sister group POP in miniseries drama and Wrestling Ring?