POP and BiSH Break TIF Rules and Get Expelled From Festival.

pop 1                                   [POP at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015]

Yesterday on our Facebook I posted a message about the Idol rock groups POP (renamed Pla2me)now known as Period of Plastic 2 Mercy and BiSH playing their version of “I fought the law and the law won” at Tokyo Idol Festival .

The reaction was incredible on our Facebook becoming one of our most interesting topics. A lot of blame has been put on their fans or over sensitive event staff not accustom to the two groups stage show. However after reading some news reports , talking it over with some wotas and even the staff of my new Indie Idol company , I am not so sure if this was not staged by the two groups.

Granted you cannot control or be blamed for the actions of your fan base for violating event rules , however you can be held responsible if the group your managing just happens to start stage diving against event rules and it happens to be three days before your album drops in stores.
From the papers today POP seems like the main offender . From the paper it was not one but two stages POP ran against the event laws. Their first stage was highly charged and their fan base was openly breaking event rules. These rules included the following “mosh pits , jumping up and down, crowd surfing , lifting up a fan ,removing shirts , throwing objects and anything else that could cause injury”.

Like a band of gypsies POP`s fan base followed the group to their next stage . At this stage POP and their fan base were at a fever pitch and the mischief started and the group members got involved and when the stage was done ,the group was heading home not to return on Sunday.

pop 2Idols are heavily managed image conscious groups ,the members are fully aware of what they can and cannot do even down to what comments or questions they can and cannot respond to without getting scolded [notice sometimes how Idols dance around some hot topic it will make us look bad items].

It`s unlikely that the members of POP didn`t know in advance that they couldn`t perform their normal stage show or encourage fans to act the same as their live house events at TIF and not get in trouble ,unless that was the main reason for attending to create controversy in advance of their album release three days following TIF .

BiSH likewise was removed , while the papers never stated what rules they broke , the simple fact that the two groups are managed by the same man Junnosuke Watanabe , the similarities between the 2 groups stage shows and the shared general marketing plans make the fact that both would do the same stage events hard to ignore. Junnosuke Watanabe for those hearing the name for the first time is the man behind the legendary anti-idol group BiS.

Given the past events these two groups have done such as staging their own two group 200km relay race broadcast on Niconico! The same day that AKB48 was holding their Senbatsu Sousenkyo, getting thrown out of the biggest Idol festival in Japan to create  free media buzz and extra CD sales is not beyond these groups. It falls in line with the promoting style of Junnosuke Watanabe.

pop 3

POP and BiSH were not the only ones that had fan reactions that call in their not being removed in the same way in question. Tsubasa FLY had a mosh pit ,You`ll Melt More! ,Houkago Princess, PASSCODE ,Bellring Girls Heart ,PASSPO, Up Up Girls should have all had the same penalties as POP and BiSH.

What makes those groups different from POP and BiSH? The simple answer is Junnosuke Watanabe and the groups being directly related to BiS . With Watanabe-san in control ,the simple groups breaking the rules ,can always have a more planed strategy behind it.

The simple act of Idols lost in the moment or a pre-planned marketing eviction the two groups are getting free press today and POP have an album and one man live scheduled for August 4th and 9th to market.

With POP and BiSH playing the “it`s not our fault angle” on twitter ,they are becoming the talk of the festival and for POP being thrown out of TIF ,  it just might serve a bigger purpose in extra album sales and a sold out one man live. In the end maybe getting thrown out is not a bad thing , but a marketing opportunity.

POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) Official site: http://pla2me.com/
POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) Twitter: https://twitter.com/Period_Of_P2m
BiSH Official Site: http://wack.jp/bish.html

BiSH Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BiSHidol

UPDATED  August 5th 2015

Fresh off being tossed out of TIF ,the Idol group POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) returns to our web site with an un-idol like debut MV and a new album to preview and buy.
POP : Pretty Pretty Good Rebel Idols


BiSH Performance 10 min in staff freaking out behind group.
BTW yes they really do start their lives by doing their single 3times in a row


UPDATE August 14th 2015

This article is full of information regarding BiSH taking over Shibuya August 16th, how you can track their movements on the 16th, their free revenge live for being thrown out of TIF and the addition of new members. Plus their TIF eviction performance. This is a must read if you’re interested in BiSH.

BiSH to Turn Shibuya into CHEKi BiSH IF YOU CAN LAND  [Includes  new MV Just released at posting time]

UPDATE August 17th 2015

More On Saki of POP Troubles and being put on Indefinite Hiatus
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UPDATE SEPT 25 ,2015

BiSH sister group POP in miniseries drama and Wrestling Ring?