Even Rebel Idols Have Rules, Saki Kamiya of POP Put on Indefinite Hiatus

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There has been lots of interests developing for the Idol groups BiSH (Brand-new idol SHiT) and POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy)  with our readers recently that the groups are starting to become daily topics for our readers.A lot of this growth has been due to these two groups’ anti-Idol rebellious concepts and for getting thrown out of Tokyo Idol Festival.

Traditionally Idols have a set of rules they must follow not just here in Tokyo, but across Japan. These rules generally center on no dating and don`t do anything to bring dishonor to yourself and the group.

With rebel/anti-idol concept groups, they make their news and image on breaking the standard normal image of Idols. There is at least one group not related to these two groups that allow their Idols to date anybody they want, just show up and do your job.

With the track record of these two groups, you have to ask is there anything about traditional Idol genre they do respect and the answer is yes. Rebel Idols in fact have rules that even their members cannot break without penalties.

A few nights ago POP fresh off their being tossed out of Tokyo Idol Festival held a new concert stage. It was to be a celebration of their style in all its glory and it certainly was. However the event was over shadowed by the speech Saki Kamiya gave.

Saki announced that this live would be her last for an unknown period of time. The Idol was not announcing her celebrated graduation; instead she was announcing that she had been put on the sidelines.

Saki in her speech announced that she had been put on indefinite hiatus at the discretion of the office. She does not know when she will be allowed to perform again as she had repeatedly committed prohibited acts. There is some media outlets and even fans saying  that some of this is directly related to Tokyo Idol Festival were it was reported that Saki started stage diving and encouraging their fans to take part and mosh pits started and other activities and a section of the stage was damaged by fans.

Because TIF staff limits what stages can be filmed there is as far as I am aware no visual evidence of POP`s wrong doings at TIF. For their sister group BiSH, we have reported on them and included the video of staff going crazy behind them trying to stop the show. It must be pointed out that every rock or metal based Idol unit at TIF had fans get out of control and the TIF staff, needs to rethink placing these groups with more traditional Idol groups that draw different fan bases.

It is hard to imagine rebel/anti-idol concept idol groups having rules, but Saki being put on the sidelines has shaken the foundation of their fan base. It is a bold move to suspend the most well-known and popular member of your group. How the group manages until her return and how Saki responds when she returns will say a lot about if POP is losing the very things that made them popular.

their first MV for the song “pretty pretty good “


Saki`s twitter



UPDATE OCT 30,2015

Saki Kamiya Faces Challenge to Stay in Idol Group POP!

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