BiSH to Turn Shibuya into CHEKi BiSH IF YOU CAN LAND


The weekends are very important days for Idols across Japan; it allows them to play at multiple events, for larger than normal crowds and to try creative marketing skills.

There are a number of lives taking place every weekend in Shibuya and BiSH has decided that after getting thrown out of Tokyo Idol Festival, they need to build on their legacy of doing things their way regardless of the outcomes.

August 16th BiSH will be taking over the center of Shibuya and entry is very affordable simply put on your BiSH “IDOL” T-shirt, your sunglasses and head on down because BiSH are turning the middle of Shibuya into their very own game land.

BiSH will be holding their first “CHEKi BiSH IF YOU CAN??” event.  CHEKi BiSH IF YOU CAN?? Is a hide and seek game on a grand scale. The objective is simple if you catch a member hiding in the middle of Shibuya, you must yell “Catch BiSH” and you win a free 2-shot cheki with them.

The game is blocked out on a map of Shibuya and you can track the movements of BiSH members on a special twitter account

bish hide and seek map

You are not allowed to catch the same member more than once in the game time.

The game runs from 1:00pm-5:00pm Tokyo Time, there will be a 30 minute break from 2:30-3:00pm.

BiSH Mania does not end there as on August 26th the group will be giving the Tokyo Idol Festival their collective middle fingers and holding a live concert at Zepp Tokyo (capacity 2,709) .Admission to this live will be free for anyone who has their Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 2-day wristband.

Lastly BiSH has added new members
Hashiyasume – Atsuko

atsuko bish

Lingling bish

The members need 7,000 followers on twitter as requirements to become active members.

If you missed their getting thrown out of Tokyo Idol Festival due to fan disturbance have a look at the talk of the festival.

[Note –yes that is the same song being repeated, on their live shows they start by doing their single 3times in a row and 5 times in a normal 18 song live]





Reminder to follow BiSH on August 16th in the game

Follow BiSH each day

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